Fairy Light Round Wall Hanging Picture Frame

Package Inclusions :-
  • 1 Wooden Frame Round Shape.
  • 1 Fairy Light (Led color White or Yellowish depends upon market availability).
  • 1 Artificial Flower Vine.
  • 4 Artificial Butterflies (Multi-Color).
  • 10 Small Pictures.
  • Delivery Charges Included for Pan India.
  • Service Taxes Included.

Loviesta knows that you really love and care about your loved ones and this beautiful hanging frame along with led lights is definitely going to glow their life with love. So don’t hesitate, take a step and make your special one’s special day a marvelous day & give them a gift to cherish for days to come.

Need to Know:-
  • Shipment will be delivered safely & with proper packaging.
  • Delivery will be done in between 5-6 working days so advance booking is highly recommended.
  • Delivery is available for PAN India.
  • Warranty on Fairy Light isn’t available.
  • Kindly Read the Product return & exchange policy before placing the booking.
  • 10 Photographs to be shared on support@loviesta.com within 2hrs from booking along with order no.
  • For deliveries within the same week kindly call on our customer care to confirm the possibility.

To give you the best experience we have hired professional & trustworthy vendors who maketh products as per customization made by you & other details that are shared by you while placing the booking. In case of any problem related to products, we are always available to help you.

Kindly read our cancellation policy to understand the terms and conditions.

We want to inform you that electronic items such as fairy lights, bulbs, etc that are used in the products are made by the local vendors, and a warranty on such items isn’t given. For a long-lasting performance of such items, we suggest you not engage in any kind of re-installation of such items from your end inside the item and use them as required, turn them on/off properly. Voltage up & down in your home can play a major role in affecting electronic items.

Dear Sir/Ma’am Gift products can be delivered by Loviesta in Pan India i.e. in any city or place. While placing the booking you will have to share your address details & accordingly our team will get the item delivered at your place of choice. Therefore you are requested to speak to our team before placing the booking so that they can help you with the same.

In such cases kindly make an opening video of the product & share with the sales person you were in touch with & after looking into the matter we will confirm the same via email & will request you to courier the received product on our address and we will exchange the product accordingly, However if request for refund will be made then that will not be accepted.

Delivery will depend on the product making time i.e. If a product takes 7-8 days of making time then on the 9th day it will be sent for the delivery & in between 4-5 days you’ll receive the delivery. You’ll receive a tracking id once the product is out for delivery.

All the products in this section are made by people who does hand crafting. So each & every product takes time to get ready as per the customizations chosen by you. Make time of each product is different than the other and thus the delivery time also depends upon the making time for example if a product takes 15-20 days of making time and for delivery it takes 6-7 working days so that means on 28th day you will get the delivery most possibly. After placing the booking you will get an approximate date of the delivery of your product on our website. Once the product is ready it will be delivered & we will share the track id with you for tracking the delivery status of the product.


Cancellation are possible within 2 days of making the booking with 90% Refund and 10% will be the cancellation charges. Post 2 days of placing the booking any request for cancellation will not be accepted because after receiving the booking we will hold the payment with us and after completion of 2 days we will transfer the payment to the vendor to process the product for delivery & still if you’ll cancel the booking then the booking will be cancelled along with 0% refund.

Product Return & Exchange:

In this case product return policy isn’t applicable as these are customized products and every product will be designed as per the pictures & details received from you during the booking, therefore returning the product won’t be possible in any instance. However in case where the product delivered is broken or totally inadequate to the details that were shared by you during the booking then you can raise a complaint on our email id – support@loviesta.com within 2hrs of receiving the product mentioning your order no along with the pictures of the product for which our team will try to rectify the problem as soon as possible & further information will be shared accordingly by our team. Complaints received after 2hrs of receiving the product will not be entertained by Loviesta.


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